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Objective, Assignment, and Communication Of Data

The company MBE Netherlands is the personal Data Controller and informs the customer that such data provided by the same, may be used for:

  1. Ensure the registration to the website (hereinafter the “Website”);
  2. Provide information, fulfill orders, deliver products and provide the services required by the Customer through the Website, as well as process payments, manage potential complaints and communicate with the customer about the above;
  3. Carry out statistical surveys and interactive business communications, by sending SMS, e-mails (also through DEM and newsletters), fax, placing telephone calls even without the involvement of an operator, in relation to products and/or services offered by the Data Controller;
  4. Carry out statistical surveys and interactive business communications, by sending SMS, e-mails (also through DEM and newsletters), fax, placing telephone calls even without the involvement of an operator, in relation to products and/or services offered by subsidiary or associated companies such as DireFareStampare S.r.l., Buy-Me S.r.l. and MBE Worldwide S.p.A. or by the MBE Centers’ Network in Netherlands or even by third-party companies which, from time to time, may develop business partnership agreements and/or initiatives, campaigns and joint projects, relating to business connected to the Data Controller.

The data provided for the purposes specified on points a. and b. are necessary for the execution of the contract related to the services’ supply required by the Customer through the Website and also by business partners (i.e. logistics operations, payments, etc.), or to provide the requested information, and do not require the consent of the Customer itself pursuant to Article 24 paragraph1 letter. b of the Legislative Decree 196/2003. The submission of personal data on behalf of the Customer for the purposes specified under a. and b. in order to receive the requested services is mandatory. The partial or incorrect lack of submission for the purposes identified under a. and b. could make impossible providing the services and/or information requested to the Customer. The data provided for the purposes referred on points c. and d. require the express consent of the Customer pursuant to Articles 23 and 130 of Legislative Decree no. 196/03. Consent for this purpose is optional and the partial or incorrect lack of submission could result in the inability to carry out the activities mentioned in the above points c. and d.

Processing Method

The processing will be carried out with the assistance of both automated instruments and on paper in order to collect, consult, store, manage, extract and transmit the data itself.

In relation to personal data processing the Data Controller will employ designated data processors detected within technical, commercial and administrative reference areas. Some technical, organizational or management processing operations, closely related and in function of the supply of services required by the Customer, will be carried out by third-party companies and/or subsidiaries or associates.

Following the condition of prior and expressed consent of the customer, the Data Controller may also share and disclose personal data of the Customer, even with the aid of electronic and automated tools of all kinds, to third qualified operators parties, in order to provide information related to promotions and special offers, carry out marketing communications and send advertising and commercial material utilizing the telephone channel, SMS, MMS, video, e-mails, paper mail, fax or any other communication vehicle permitted by the state of the art, in relation to products and services belonging to third party service providers and/or the Data Controller’s business partners, who will take on the entitlement of data controller, with all the related obligations and liabilities of the law, independently and exclusively in relation to the processing of these data operated on their behalf and in their interest.


The Data Controller also specifies that it may utilize “cookies” (i.e. text files sent and stored on Customer’s hard disk to be then retransmitted during the next visit of the same), or other similar tools in order to facilitate the use of services requested by the Customer itself, as well as the Customer’s collection of information, the navigation of the Website and the choices and preferences expressed on products. This will allow the Data Controller to create Customers’ profiles utilizing the data collected, which will then enable the transmission of targeted and personalized advertising. The Customer may revoke at any time the authorization granted and oppose to the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on its Internet browser. For more information on how to disable cookies read the cookies’ disclosure.

Customers’ Rights

The Customer has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of its personal data and may at any time exercise the rights under Article 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 in the manner provided by Articles 8 and the following of the same Legislative Decree. and in particular the Customer has the right to obtain:

  1. the source of the personal data and the purposes and methods utilized for its processing;
  2. the logic applied should its processing being carried out with the help of electronic tools;
  3. the updating, rectifying and integration of data;
  4. the cancellation, transformation in anonymous form or blocking of data processed in violation with the law, including data which preservation is not necessary for the purposes which the data was collected or subsequently processed;
  5. the confirmation that the updating, rectifying, integration, cancellation, transformation in anonymous form or the blocking, have been made known, also with regards to their content, to whom the data were disclosed or distributed to, except in cases where this proves impossible or it involves the use of disproportionate efforts with respect to the right being protected;
  6. the subjects or categories of the same to whom personal data may be disclosed or who may be made aware of such being the data processor or person tasked with processing, and the extent of the distribution of such data.

The Customer also possess the right to fully or partially object:

  1. for legitimate reasons concerning the Customer’s personal data processing, even though relevant to collection purposes;
  2. to the processing of personal data aimed to send advertising materials or for direct selling purposes or to carry out market researches or commercial communications.

Data Controller’s Rights

The Data Controller is able to take action towards data and on any other information concerning the Customer when it is believed, in good faith, that such activities may be necessary for:

  1. Protect its interests and/or third parties’;
  2. Conform to legal requirements or actions taken on behalf of any competent authority;
  3. Support the relevant police authorities in the suppression of illegal activities taking place on the Internet by one or multiple users, but not necessarily in the use of services and/or in which the use of services has been in any way instrumental in order to commit any type of crime;
  4. To assert its rights in every place, status, degree and against anyone;
  5. Defend against third party disputes claiming that an action and/or omission on behalf of the user and brought upon in any way or form, through the services and/or subsequently to the use of services violates their rights.

In any case, the Data Controller can communicate the data provided by the Customer to public and/or private entities that can access the data in compliance with legal obligations, regulations or European Union’s laws.

By viewing this disclosure, the customer gives its consent to the processing and communication of personal data for the purposes and in the manner described above. This consent will be registered by the Data Controller and may be revoked at any time by the Customer.

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