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The Easy Way to Secure Mailing Domiciliation in the Netherlands

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MBE makes setting up mailing domiciliation in the Netherlands simple. It’s often the best solution for small and home-based businesses – as well as being perfect when you need someone to be there receive and sign for your important documents and parcels when you can’t be.

MBE Address also provides the option you’ll need when you’re considering making your virtual address your company’s legal domicile too.

Get a real street address to boost your business profile. A PO Box address is never going to produce the same level of consumer confidence as a real street address. Especially not one in a well-known local commercial district like your MBE Address service comes with.

Keep your packages safe in a secure facility. The facility where your mail is stored is secure and always staffed. Your mail is kept in a private box too, ensuring privacy.

Have your mail forwarded directly to your home or business address. There’s no need to spend the time to come and collect your newly arrived mail personally. Simply arrange for mail forwarding to be a part of your service.

Or ask us to send you a notification of receipt. You can also choose to get a notification by email, phone or text when you’ve got mail! All you need to do is let us know what works for you.

Choose the right mailbox for your budget and needs. Do you need a safe and secure mailbox where there’ll be someone to sign for your packages while you’re away? This will be built into your mailing domiciliation service. But if that’s all you need, we also offer several other handy mailbox services. You’ll always find one which meets your needs and budget.

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MBE has been around since the 1980’s. You can trust our well known, international brand.

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