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The Duties and Benefits of an MBE Franchisee

Me in MBE

What will I do every day as an MBE franchise owner?

Every day, thousands of people and business owners all around the world walk into their local MBE Business Centre with a problem they’ll need you to solve.

These might include any of a wide range of situations:

  • They might be a local cafe owner looking to design, print and send out their next set of marketing flyers
  • They might be a small business manager in need of better branding
  • They might be someone running a home-based business who needs to boost their profile
  • They might be a person looking to ship all of their worldly possessions to a new country
  • They might be a business owner looking to improve their e-commerce and logistics

You’ll have the experience, training and team you need to handle any of these challenges and many more besides.

One thing’s for sure, as an MBE franchisee you won’t be bored!

Where do I find clients as an MBE franchisee?

You’ll have the same marketing channels as any business owner but with several important additions:

  1. You have the entire MBE network – spread across 35 countries and thousands of stores – generating trade for you.
  2. You have MBE’s national-level marketing campaigns running on your behalf.

It’s your job as an MBE franchise owner to build relationships with all of the potential clients who walk through your door every day. Many of the entrepreneurs on our network have solid relationships with clients which they’ve maintained for many years and which they rely on for regular business.

What are the benefits for me?

As an MBE franchisee, you have all the perks and benefits of being your own boss – but you’re also supported by a global network and proven processes and technologies which have allowed business owners just like you to succeed in over 35 countries around the world.

You’ll get complete initial and ongoing training, data collection and analysis support, assistance with setting up your finances and physical location – not to mention the support of having a global network always at your back.

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