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MBE Franchise FAQs

The franchise is, arguably, the best business model available.

As an entrepreneur, it gives you the support you need to get your business set up fast. It also reduces the risk you take on when setting up your own company and provides you with everything you need in terms of processes and techniques to make it a success.

As a franchisor, we benefit from the hard work of go-getting entrepreneurs across our network. They allow us to continue our expansion. Then we all rise together.

A franchise agreement lays out the relationship between the franchisee (that’s the entrepreneur, you) and the franchisor (which has all of the brand names, trademarks, proven process and support which the franchisee is licensing – that’s us).

The agreement is a legal document which defines the responsibilities of both parties and shows how they’ll work together to make a success of their joint endeavour.

A franchisee signs a franchise agreement in order to be able to use a franchisor’s name, trademarks and processes.

They’re legally recognised as being independent of the franchisor and are also separate from them economically.

Yes, but you won’t necessarily need to seek out investment capital. The method of funding yourself which will work best for you will vary depending on your particular situation.

MBE has relationships with many financial institutions which can offer you advice on the best way to fund your new business. This might involve private funding, a loan, grants or subsidies or some combination of the above.

We’ve already helped more than 2500 entrepreneurs set up the financial side of their businesses, so we know the kind of support which most new entrepreneurs will find useful.

Definitely. The initial training you get as an MBE franchisee is compulsory and includes all aspects of business operation, including the all-important skills needed for development. This four-week course contains classroom instruction as well as in-store and in-the-field training.

You’ll be offered numerous other courses after you’ve completed your initial training. These might feature further business development skills as well as business operation and management training.

As mentioned above, MBE offers a number of courses in addition to your four-week compulsory initial training.

We have internal and external specialists and experienced professionals who carry out in-centre programs and workshops. We also offer sessions with highly experienced MBE entrepreneurs who know exactly what it takes to make a success of your business because they’ve made a success of their own.

We’ve already helped set up more than 2500 Centres around the world, so we know what makes the perfect spot. Paired with your knowledge of your local area, we’ll decide together what makes the best possible spot bearing in mind your likely future growth and expansion.

No. Your initial agreement with us will specify an area where you’ll be the only MBE Centre. It’s in no one’s interest for MBE Centres to compete with each other, so we’re careful to stand by this agreement at all times.

We will provide all of the support you need to make opening your Centre as easy as possible. After setting up two-and-a-half thousand MBE Centres around the world, we’ve got it down to a fine art.

We can provide you with the ideal internal layout, the required kinds of fixtures and fittings as well as a design plan.

MBE’s global brand reputation attracts customers every day, encouraged by the national-level marketing campaigns which we regularly run.

That’s in addition, of course, to the concept of “farming”. This is the way we characterise how the reliability and commitment of the entire MBE network contribute to attracting new clients in every other part of the world. This makes it vital that you treat every single person who walks through your Centre’s doors with the honesty, integrity and respect they deserve and have come to expect from MBE.

The MBE business concept has been robust enough to work in more than 2500 individual locations and more than 40 countries around the world. The concept is applicable to a huge variety of industry types and kinds of business. It’s also applicable all year round and is never likely to go out of fashion.

Buying an existing MBE Centre is sometimes an option. If it’s a possibility, we’ll be sure to suggest it when you’re starting the process of buying a franchise. We can provide a great deal of information about the Centre in question, so you’ll have everything you need to know to make a fully informed decision.

If you’re interested in this and we don’t suggest it, please do feel free to ask at any time.

People starting their own business for the first time often struggle with the scale of risk that they’re taking on. Unexpected problems can delay the amount of time it takes you to get trading – in itself a serious trial when setting up your own company – and, unless you have the skills and experience already, you might not be able to deal with every single situation which arises.

That’s why so many new entrepreneurs have chosen to get a franchise with MBE. It reduces the risk, gives you ready access to expert advice and it ensures your set-up will be faster and more economical.

The support you get doesn’t stop when your business is set up either. MBE’s central team of experts offer further training, collect and analyse data and help the two-and-a-half thousand entrepreneurs who are already part of the MBE network grow, develop and expand their businesses.

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